the story of stereophonics
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Stereophonics are a rock band from the village of Cwymamam in South Wales. Their first album, Word Gets Around, released in 1997, was about the ups and downs of living in a small village.It also focuses on the issues of suicide.

Their second album, Performance and Cocktails, released in 1999, was about their first few tours, and generally getting used to being famous. This was their rockiest album, with 'Bartender and the Thief' getting to number 3 in the charts.

Just Enough Education to Perform was their third album and was released in 2001. It is mainly about their travels through America and showbiz, as demonstrated by 'Vegas Two Times'.

The new album 'You Gotta Go There to Come Back' is a mixture of lively rock tracks and mellow acoustic tracks. This album has so far given them a top 5 hit with Madame Helga reaching number 4. The next single to be released from the album is Maybe Tomorrow which i predict will give them atleast a spot in the top 10. On the front cover is a picture of Kelly's Father and older brother Kevin when he was a boy. They're sitting in the Ivy Bush pub at the end of the road Kelly lived on in his childhood. Apparently, every Thursday night the Fathers used to take their kids to watch 'High Chaparral' on the telly while they drank beer... because it was a colour TV.